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Ryan Korban and His Love Affair with Zebra Rug

Ryan Korban, the brilliant self-taught interior designer that has magnificently curated some of the best high-end boutiques and residences, has a thing for zebra rug. He associates it, and the rest of the different skins and furs, with supreme luxe. We think that his fascination doesn't just end with a mere zebra skin because he has an actual full mount at his very own Manhattan apartment! His keen eye for all things stunning has garnered him a laudable portfolio. His A-list roster of clients include actor James Franco, Jessica Stam, and Natasha Poly. Fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Diesel, and Fivestory all have commissioned him to provide his style of unequivocal luxury in their stores all over New York. The...

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Advantages of Using Zebra Skin Hides in Interior Design

The use of zebra skins or rugs when designing your home is one of the fastest rising trends in the world of interior design.  Zebra skins truly make a home even more remarkable visually than ever before.  This article will focus on some of the most prominent advantages of using zebra skins whenever planning to design or furnish your own house in the future. Hopefully this article will provide you with a thing or two about perfect design combination that can be used together with a zebra hide to create a remarkable and well unified interior.  Color Matching First of all, it would be advantageous for you to utilize your zebra skin rug as part of the overall design for your house because the...

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The Best Zebra Skin Rug Cleaning Agents for Various Stains

What are the best materials to use when cleaning your zebra pelt?  There are different cleaning materials for various stains.  This article will give you an idea as to what those cleaning agents possibly are and what they can do for your zebra hide rugs. For Wear and Tear For the usual wear and tear of the rugs, using water, soap and a soft sponge will do the trick.  Be careful not to get your zebra skin rugs too wet beyond spot removal because this might damage the rug extensively.  If this happens, only professional restoration can save it.  Doing this will not even necessarily guarantee successful repair. This is why you have to be very careful when handling your...

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