5 Reasons To Buy a Zebra Rug (Real vs Faux)

It's tough to deny the stylish statement of a zebra skin rug when you're looking for something unique to add to your home décor. They aren't for everyone, but if you want an upscale way to cover your floors or wall, there are five reasons why you should buy a zebra hide rug now! Be it real or Fake.

#1: A Faux Zebra Rug Can Be Used as a Real Animal Skin

For those who want a bold animal print in their homes but don't want the real-life consequences of owning a leather fur hide, consider a faux zebra skin rug . It has that luxurious look and feel without sacrificing much when it comes to budget. Downside to faux rugs is they tent to not last very long. 

#2: You'll Add More Than Just Drama to Your Home Décor

A zebra skin rug isn't just about adding drama and character, though that's what makes them so popular. These unique rugs add instant personality to any room in your home from living rooms all the way to your bedrooms or main entrance.  A zebra rug can't help but convey drama, class, trendiness, and chic style. 

#3: They're Incredibly Trendy Today

Today's fashion trends are all about making your home look plush and luxurious. We all want that ultra-modern design that is beyond trendy - it's timeless. A Zebra rug creates a statement in any room with its unique color combination of dark chocolate brown and cream. Remember that not all zebra hides are truly black and white. Most are a dark chocolate brown with light cream stripes.

#4: You Can Easily Match With Other Home Décor Styles

A designer zebra skin may be the perfect way to express your own personal sense of style with the right home décor accessories . Because these rugs are large and demand a great deal of attention within any space.

#5: Their Price is Reasonable When Compared to Other Animal Print Rugs

Another perk of owning an animal skin rug that's faux? It won't cost you as much as a real one will. Faux zebra rugs are relatively cheap, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're cheaply made or lack style. Imitation leather has come a long way over the years and is inexpensive enough to be an affordable option if you want something others might not have in their home décor. Zebra rugs make exceptional gifts and can brighten up any office, bedroom, room...you name it.