How to Make Full Use of Your Zebra Skin

It is legal to buy a Burchell zebra skin? The seller of such a skin should have a license and the skin should have been acquired legally. The beauty of a zebra skin rug is only real when you look at it up close. It has roughly twenty six major magnificent stripes. However, when you count all the stripes from head to hide leg, you get about eighty stripes.

When buying a skin, every bit of the skin should be included; head, thighs and the tail. This gives you the opportunity to use every single bit of the skin. There are many homes and some offices that have full zebra skins hung on the walls or spread on the floors. There are however numerous other uses of the skin and all it takes is your imagination. The skin is tough but very easy to cut and shape into whatever you want. When the skin is being sold it is first shaved and groomed to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

When buying a skin, you can buy a standard treated one which is tanned and plain. There is the felted skin which has a buffer material added to it. This helps it last for long and also makes the skin stay flat. If you are looking for a zebra skin to make your home or office grand, you need to know what you are buying. You could be looking for a skin to make an ottoman, cushion, bench, chair, pillow or small rugs. Because zebra skin dealers will generally sell to you a full sized skin, you should ensure that you get the maximum value of it.

Before doing any cutting of the hide, you need to measure what you want to make. Then make precise cuts that leave no allowance to wastage. Take into consideration the area of the skin you want to use; is it the tail, head, back or leg? You also need to take into account any scar that the skin came with when mapping out the pattern you need on the zebra skin.

One thing to bear in mind is that every zebra skin is unique and hardly will any skin match with another. It is advisable that when making your items, to always start making those that will take most of the space. After you are done with making the item you wanted, don’t throw away the skin that is left.  The shreds left come in handy when you want to make something at a later date. Some of the items to make out of the leftovers include belts, purses, wallets, door knobs, picture frames and so on.

Before making the cuts, you should have some basics in pattern making so as to ensure that you don’t waste anything. If you were to buy any item made of genuine zebra leather, the price will be quite high. It is therefore wise to make the best use of the whole skin you have in your hands. Source: Outsourcesol