How to Safely Hang a Real Zebra Skin Rug on the Wall


The pandemic sparked an uptick in home improvement projects, which includes redecoration. About 70% of Americans are tackling home improvements, and experts predict that the trend will continue in 2021.

One of the best ways to keep things fresh is to redecorate. Are you tired of seeing your zebra rug on your living room floor? Why not breathe a new life into it by hanging it on your wall!

We know how precious your zebra rug is to you, so we have some tips to do it safely. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of turning your zebra hide into luxurious wall art.

Benefits of Hanging Your Zebra Skin Rug 

Accent wall

Transform the vibe of a blank wall by dressing it up with an old authentic zebra skin rug. Its eye-catching pattern commands attention without much effort. It can effectively enhance the look and feel of the room.

Preserves the quality of the zebra rug

If you’ve got the rug placed in a busy area, heavy foot traffic can ruin it over time. Aside from that, your zebra skin rug is prone to spills which can lead to stubborn stains if it’s on your floor. Hanging it protects it from these.


Hanging a Zebra Rug

There are different ways that you can do this, some of them will result in putting holes in the hide. That’s not something our hearts can take, so we’re going to focus on other methods. Here they are:

Method 1: Double-sided tape

This method’s pretty straightforward. Just make sure that you use heavy-duty double-sided tape that’s safe for rugs, as much as possible. You can easily peel it off in case you decide to place your zebra rug on the floor again, and it won’t leave any residue.

First, clean your zebra rug by gently brushing it. Once you’re done, turn your zebra rug over. Check the placement of the double-sided tape on the uneven edges of the rug.

Peel off one side of the tape and stick it to the rug’s edges to prevent them from curling up. Peel off the other adhesive side of the tape then stretch out your zebra rug as you stick it on the wall. Press the rug and smooth it out as you go along.

Method 2: Acrylic art frame

This is a cool, modern way of showcasing your zebra rug without ruining it. Here are the materials that you need:

  • 2 pcs. of acrylic sheets (approximately 10 ft. x 8 ft. each)
  • Adhesive dots
  • Drill
  • Brass connecting bolts
  • Brass couplings
  • Brass washers


How to wall mount a zebra rug

  1. Place the 2 sheets of acrylic on top of each other. Measure the parts of the acrylic sheet where you would like the holes to be. Make sure that there is a 1-inch gap between the edge and the holes. Mark the areas with a pen.
  2. Measure the wall where the rug will be mounted.
  3. Carefully drill holes through the marked areas of the acrylic.
  4. Place one of the acrylic sheets against the wall where you’re going to hang it to mark holes for drilling. Use a level to ensure a straight installation.
  5. Put your safety goggles on and start drilling.
  6. Peel off the protective covering of the acrylic.
  7. Line the adhesive dots on the underside of the zebra rug’s edges so that it will stay in place once mounted. Start sticking each area of the rug to the acrylic sheet. Don’t forget to smoothen it out.
  8. Sandwich the zebra rug by placing the other acrylic sheet on top of it.
  9. Mount your new zebra wall art! Put the bolt through the hole on the acrylic sheet, straight into the coupling and washer. Start screwing the bolt into the wall.


That’s it! Once you’re done, step back and admire your latest wall art!




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