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Is It Legal To Possess A Zebra Hide Rug

Zebras are wildlife animals found in the eastern and the southern part of Africa. They live in warm climates. They are very many and in any of the countries in the said regions they are in their millions. Trading in wildlife pelts or other body parts is generally illegal in the world but a few exceptions are made with respect to particular animals and countries. Zebras are some of these animals and the trading of their pelts is allowed in most of the countries in the world.

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Important Things to Know When Buying Zebra Hides

Zebra pelts are now very popular. People from all over the world are buying these rugs because of the sheer beauty and value they come with. Zebras are the animals of the jungle and as such they bring the jungle aura right into the room you are seated. When you decide to buy a rug for decoration in your home, it is important to investigate and know some basic things about them. By knowing these things, you present yourself with a very good chance of not only getting a high quality rug but also of learning a great deal about these animals in general.  

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Difference between Felted and Non-Felted Zebra Skin Rug

Zebras are a symbol of just how African savannah is replete with wildlife and excitement. Zebras are in plenty and with their black stripes; you really can’t take your eyes off them. In some African countries, the selling of the zebra skin rugs is legal. However, the zebra skin rugs that are allowed to be sold are those of Equus Burchelli. They are in their millions and the authorities give an allowance for the culling. Culling involves controlled killing with the supervision of the government.

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