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Chic Peek: An Edgy Monochrome Loft in New York by Ryan Korban

A monochrome home exudes sophistication in its purest form. But lets be honest here, some have that certain level of vapidity that puts it at the level of 'just satisfying'. Rock star interior designer Ryan Korban has taken the said factor out of the equation, and instead, he replaced it with something that stirs the spirited, non-conforming factor in all of us. Whether silently or loudly, every home broadcasts the owners character and beliefs in one way or another. The collection and the homes entirety are shaped by the one who lives in it. It is dictated by what he's comfortable with and what he loves. A great interior designer doesn't mute that; he highlights them. In this particular abode,...

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7 Ogle-Worthy Modern Interiors with Zebra Skin Rugs

Interior enthusiasts constantly seek inspiration in crafting a marvelous home, peppered with things that would make the owners and guests feel comfortable. And what better way to hunt for ideas than the well-curated homes of the interior design extraordinaire themselves, right? We have compiled below ogle-worthy rooms with exquisite zebra skin rugs created by a couple of style geniuses.  Cecilie Starin designed this luxurious bedroom with Ernest Hemingway in mind. She envisioned it as a place where the famed author will take refuge to finish his masterpiece. Along with other rich hides that adorn the four-poster bed, the zebra skin rug is tucked at the corner of this romantic room facing the San Francisco Bay.   Ruper Landindinger, owner of RPL...

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Integrating a Zebra Rug Into 7 Different Interior Themes

Buying a decor for one's home is not only about ergonomics or high quality anymore; versatility is one of the key main factors that smart patrons look for. Zebra rug is embodied with that element along with a great design, functionality, and superior condition. For years, the zebra rug has proven its capability to be incorporated in different interior design themes. It is not just included in the theme; it blended perfectly with it. Below are seven various interior styles that the zebra rug made more fascinating. Traditional Traditional interior is all about sophisticated furnishing, earthy tones, and dark wood. The classic style features architectural adornment such as wood panelings and moldings. Harsh contrast in color or furniture rarely happens....

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4 Zebra Skin Rug Groups

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is usually “Tell more about the quality!” This is one of our favorite questions and a good one to inquire. Why do you ask? Because each client is different and the expectations of one client can be completely different from the other. One might want a worn out look and feel where as the other wants a brand new rug with little to zero imperfections. The infographic below will guide and help you understand the four major grade categories used in evaluating a Zebra rug. We always appreciate your input and please share the love for others to see.

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Significant Reminders When Dealing With Zebra Hides

Before you even go about buying your very own zebra skin rugs, it is important that you remember all these pieces of information that we are going to talk about in this article. Hopefully, knowing these things will be able to help you determine the best quality rugs that you can find in the market. We also want to help you achieve your goal of having the best zebra skin rugs by making sure that you are able to determine the issues that surround the purchase of zebra skin rugs and how you can deal with it properly without compromising your set of values. Know the History First of all, in order to effectively deal with the issues regarding zebra...

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