Transforming Your Home with a Zebra Skin

People have from time immemorial yearned to make their abodes better and comfy. In a home, you want to have the best looking sitting room, lounge or bedroom. There are numerous ways to make your home homelier, comfy and exotic. A simple way of achieving this is by using an animal pelt.

A real zebra rug is a great option to go for. A zebra is a wild animal commonly found in southern and eastern Africa. Of the different types of zebras, the Burchell zebra is the one whose skin you can buy and adorn in your house. This zebra is not endangered and some countries have legalized its culling. This beautiful animal has about twenty six stripes running from its spine to bottom. The stripes are exotically displayed and this is why the skin is so fascinating to many people.

When you look at a zebra skin, you will admit that there is nothing much if anything that anyone can do to improve its appearance. Many top designers have entered the zebra skin market by designing attires that have the zebra pattern. As a home owner, you get to benefit immensely whenever you choose to buy a zebra skin. The beauty of your home is accentuated and the glamour in every item inside the house becomes real. 

A zebra skin brings a combination of raw jungle pleasure and a flare of modern exoticness. It is for this reason that such a skin is ideal for every room or home. Being a wild animal, the zebra is prey to major felines like the lion. Being an animal that is constant danger, you will appreciate the fact that it has fought many battles some of which has left it with scars.

For the zebra hide however, you are to look for that which has no scars (which is hard to get). A skin without a scar is called the trophy skin. As the zebra encounters dangers and its skin is scarred, so will the grade of its skin reduces. The lowest grade that a zebra can produce is Grade D. Depending on your needs, space and budget, you have a wide range of zebra skins to choose from. One of the options that you can go for is the wall hanging skins.

This type of skin should either Grade A or trophy grade. These two types of skins are with little or no scars. And if there are any repairs done of the skin, they are inconspicuous. The skins are normally hanged on the wall without any alteration done to its shape. The only other thing that the dealer does or you can opt for is the felting of the skin. This makes it long lasting. Your house becomes prettified with any zebra skin shape or size. Indeed, many people have sofas, ottomans, pillows and cushions that are made from this herbivore’s skin.

By acquiring such a zebra skin or making an item using the skin, all you need to do is take care of it. By following simple cleaning and airing of a zebra skin, you stand to enjoy it for a very long time.