Zebra hides have become quite fashionable recently. These rugs are popular among people from all around the world owing to their stunning beauty and value. Zebras are unique animals with stunning patterns, which explains the high demand and desire of owning a genuine Zebra skin rug.

When you're considering buying a rug for your house, it's vital to learn more about them. You have a far higher chance of obtaining a high-quality rug as well as learning quite a bit about these animals in general if you know certain things.

The first thing to consider is whether the rug you're buying is legal or not. It would be a shame if you purchased something that was unlawful, putting you in violation of the law. Only two African nations are allowed to produce zebra skin rugs: South Africa and Tanzania. These skins are collected via a regulated hunting method. There are millions of animals in these areas, and at times their population exceeds that of humans. If the zebra skin you're purchasing isn't Burchell, don't buy it.

Another thing to bear in mind when purchasing zebra hide rugs is whether the dealers are certified. There are many more countries with zebras than South Africa and Tanzania, each of which has a handful. In countries such as Namibia, Kenya, and Zambia among others, culling is not permitted, and any zebra death is considered poaching.

To be legal, a vendor must be licensed to trade in legal skins and from jurisdictions where animal slaughtering is permitted. Another point to consider is the grade of the zebra skin rugs. Skins are generally classified as Trophy, Grade A, B, and C.

The Trophy Grade is a flawless skin. They are flawlessly excellent in every way. Following that come the Grades A and B, which are still of high quality but have one or two minor flaws. Because the defect they possess isn't readily identifiable, they still carry a high value. The reason many individuals select Grade B is because while the flaws are numerous, the cost is quite affordable.

Grade C is the lowest of the skin categories. Because there are numerous flaws that are evident, this grade gets the title of "Grade C." You'll need high-quality rugs and maybe felted ones to be used on day to day flooring. Grade B or C rugs are best suited for upholstery purposes such as pillows, cushions, footstools, and wall hangings. You'll also need to think about how your pets would react to the rugs you're going to buy.