Doing Your Homework on Zebra Skins

If you really want to figure out why zebra skins have become so popular as rugs and as another decorative ornament inside the house, this is the right article that you can find.  We will try to help you figure out the reasons behind the popularity of zebra rugs as a timeless decorative piece.

What You Ought To Look For

In finding out why zebra skins have become popular as a base for rugs you have to first figure out the qualities of a good type of zebra skin.  Fortunately, this article can easily give you an idea about that.  We will enumerate and discuss what you ought to look for when it comes to the best quality zebra skins that you can find to complement your house in the future. Below are some of the characteristics of a good zebra skin or rug as follows:    

1) Remember the Original Source

First, you had to make sure that the zebra skins that you will be purchasing would come directly or exported from Africa by the manufacturers themselves.  Why?  Because this is where authentic zebra skins, come from.  If the zebra skin or rug comes from Africa itself you can be assured of the products having top quality among others.    

2) Keep Quality In Mind

In addition to this, you should also make sure that this zebra skin or rugs have had low gradation.  This means that there should be little to no presence of scars at all in the product.  The less scars it has the better the quality.    

3) Pricing

Another thing that you have to consider would be the price of the product itself.  Usually, an extremely high grade zebra skin rug ranges from $1500 to $2300.  Anything that has a lesser price is more likely low grade.  So if I were you, I will try to avoid lower priced zebra skins or rugs as much as possible. You should also make sure that the zebra skin will be able to complement your overall room design in terms of color, pattern and shading.  If you do this properly, you will be able to have the best zebra inspired room in the entire neighborhood. To do this successfully, you have to research on some of the most complementary colors that you can use for black and white.  This way, you will be able to get justice to using zebra patterns on your room furniture.  Besides this, you will definitely enjoy changing up in every part of your house sooner or later for sure.    

4) Reputation

Also, you should consider the reputation of the manufacturer that you would like to buy your zebra skin from.  You have to make sure that they are really too timid company that will not trick you out of your money as soon as the transaction is over.  You can ask for advice regarding finding the best zebra skin merchant around from your friends and family members who have had the same experience before.  This way, you will not have a hard time explaining to them what you really want to be done to your room the future.    

5)Asking For Additional Design Advice

Furthermore, do not be afraid to ask for advice regarding complimentary designs and patterns that can enhance your zebra skin rug.  By doing this, you will not only help yourself but others as well by educating them about the basics of interior design and how it affects each and every person that may live inside your house.  As mentioned earlier, you will definitely not regret doing so in the future. Do not be afraid to learn more about interior design yourself.  This way, you will be able to share your knowledge to those who are less knowledgeable than you are in the future.  This will definitely make the experience of using zebra hides and rugs around your house even more enjoyable.


These are just some of the many things to consider when finding the best zebra skin rug in the metro.  Just like with any other project, the key here is to be as creative as you can.  If you are able to do this, then nothing can stop you from improving your own personal space with zebra skin rugs sooner rather than later.