Protecting Your Zebra Rug in High-Traffic Areas

zebra rug in entryway

It’s not uncommon to see a zebra rug comfortably resting on a high-traffic area of a home. It could be that the owners want to showcase the black-and-white hide all the time, every time. We can’t fault them for that. It’s a thing of beauty, after all!

Maybe they placed it there to conceal a spot on the floor. Whatever the reason is, make sure that your zebra rug is well protected from wear and tear in these heavily frequented areas. 

Before we go into that, let’s first define what a high-traffic area is.

What is a high-traffic area?

It’s a place in a home where there is a high foot traffic volume. These are areas where people would naturally visit as they move from room to room. Some examples of high-traffic areas are entryways, hallways, and foyers.

Because of the constant use, these areas are susceptible to dirt, dust, and depletion. If you have a zebra rug in one of these areas, you have to take some precautions to ensure that it will retain its original state.   

How to Protect Your Zebra Rug in High-Traffic Areas

Regularly clean your zebra rug

Zebra rugs are pretty resilient. But like any other rug, dirt can easily build up if it’s not cleaned regularly. If you have a real zebra rug at home, we encourage you to make this a top priority.

The good news is, it doesn’t take much effort to clean a zebra rug. It’s easier to maintain than other types of rugs and carpets.

One way of cleaning it is by brushing. You can use a soft-bristle rug brush for this. Just make sure that you’re brushing in the direction of the hair and not against it.

Vacuuming is another method that works well for zebra rugs. For high-traffic areas, you should vacuum your zebra rug twice a week. We also recommend that you take your zebra rug outside to shake off stubborn dirt. 

Immediately clean spills

Don’t let a spill settle. Once it does, it will turn your beautiful zebra rug into a discolored mess. To prevent this from happening, remove the spill quickly and effectively. 

The first step is to blot the spill with a couple of clean paper towels. Let the paper towels absorb as much of the spill as possible. Sponging the spot with a simple mixture of water and baby shampoo will do just fine for simple spills. You can check this guide to remove urine and other stains from a zebra rug.

Rotate your zebra rug

In high-traffic areas, zebra rugs will hold footprints over time. Rotate your rug every once in a while to avoid this problem. This will also ensure that your zebra rug will wear evenly, too. Rotating your zebra rug once a month is enough.



You don’t need to avoid placing your beloved zebra rug in high-traffic areas; you just need to do a few simple safeguards to keep it looking like new!


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