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10 Ideas you can Steal from Small Spaces

Many interior designers are faced with the challenges of moderating small spaces keeping in mind that aesthetics and traffic flow are the key important factors. To help ease your challenges, we have found an excellent infographic that should serve well to provide great tips on how you can use furniture to arrange your small space. Found on inhabitat.com

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Easy Tips on Buying a Zebra Skin

Zebra's are magnificent animals that are naturally found in numerous African national parks with Savannah type ecosystem. The Equus Burchell zebras are in their millions and in some countries exceed a sustainable population. Because some countries have legalized the trading of zebra rugs, more and more people are finding themselves enjoying the immaculate beauty of a zebra hide right in their own homes.

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Is It Legal To Possess A Zebra Hide Rug

Zebras are wildlife animals found in the eastern and the southern part of Africa. They live in warm climates. They are very many and in any of the countries in the said regions they are in their millions. Trading in wildlife pelts or other body parts is generally illegal in the world but a few exceptions are made with respect to particular animals and countries. Zebras are some of these animals and the trading of their pelts is allowed in most of the countries in the world.

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