Transform Your Hotels Around the World with Zebra Hide Accent Pieces

Hotel interior design has been gaining popularity in the recent years, with many hotels incorporating unique and eye-catching design elements to attract and retain guests. One trend that has been particularly popular is the use of viral or Instagram-worthy features, such as neon signs, art installations, and other visually striking elements, not forgetting the zebra hide rage.

Designers have come to terms with the fact that interior décor in hotels is important because it helps create a certain atmosphere and ambiance that can enhance the guest's overall experience. Since COVID, it has been hotels' main agenda to create a comfortable, natural environment for guests all over to feel at home. The décor can also reflect the hotel's brand and style. For example, a hotel that wants to promote a sense of relaxation may use calming colors and natural materials, while a hotel that wants to convey a sense of elegance may use rich fabrics and elegant furnishings. Styling with different types of décor; according to their allure, can be used to create a sense of place, such as incorporating local art and design elements to reflect the hotel's location.



Zebra hides have been used in home décor for many years and are becoming increasingly popular in hotel design as well. The unique pattern of black and white stripes adds a bold and exotic touch to any space. Hotel designers often use zebra hides as enticing pieces in the lobby, lounge, or even guest rooms. It sort of says ‘welcome to the jungle, where relaxation is mandatory’. You know?

Hotels are going natural in interior décor because these natural elements are believed to create a sense of warmth and comfort for guests. They also help to create a connection to the natural environment, which can be particularly appealing for guests looking to relax and unwind. Additionally, natural elements are often more sustainable and eco-friendly than synthetic materials, which can be an important consideration for hotels looking to appeal to environmentally conscious guests.


Through research and reading various articles on what inspires design and interior décor, natural materials are now being utilized the most because they are more environmentally friendly, as they are often sustainable and renewable resources. Additionally, natural elements can also be cost-effective as they are readily available. Let’s not forget how durable they are too! They create a unique aesthetic, which can help hotels stand out among competitors.

Zebra hides are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in hotel design. They can be used as a floor covering, a throw for a couch or bed, or even as a wall hanging. They can also be incorporated into more functional items such as ottomans or benches. One of the reasons zebra hides are becoming popular in hotel design is their durability. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas. They are also naturally resistant to stains and spills, which is important in a hotel setting.

Additionally, zebra hides are a sustainable choice for hotel décor. They are a byproduct of the hunting industry and their use in décor helps to support local communities and economies. However, it is important to note that the use of zebra hides in décor raises ethical concerns as zebras are wild animals, and hunting them for their hides is controversial. That is why they are only imported from Tanzania and South Africa. Do not let someone trick you into buying fake and illegally acquired zebra hide because your world might end up in a whole lot of trouble!  Many hotel designers source their zebra hides from reputable suppliers like us, who only use hides obtained through legal means.


Zebra hide décor has become an increasingly popular choice for hotels all around the world. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also long-lasting and can help to create a unique atmosphere in any hotel lobby or bar. In addition, its natural pattern can also add a touch of luxury and style to any room. Hotels love zebra hide décor because it is both affordable and efficient - it is easy to install, maintain and clean. It's perfect to add to any space without breaking the budget. With its unique pattern, zebra hide décor provides an interesting backdrop for hotel guests to enjoy upon entering the hotel or having drinks at the bar.

All in all, zebra hides are becoming increasingly popular in hotel design due to their unique pattern, durability, and sustainability. They can be used in a variety of ways and add a bold and exotic touch to any space. However, it's important to consider the ethical concerns of using zebra hides and to ensure they are obtained from reputable suppliers. Looking for a supplier? Look no further than Outsourcesol.