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Design Marvel: The Invisible House

A house with a design that highlights disguise harbors a ton of whys and an equal amount of interest. Aside from its original purpose, a house is meant to be seen, appreciated, and ogled on. The Invisible House is somewhat an antithesis of those. The curious thing about it, however, is that for something that's built to be concealed, it certainly is drawing a lot of good attention.   The Austrian architectural firm, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, is the one responsible for this highly fascinating prefabricated house. The aim is to provide an alternative to the increasing housing dilemma. Flexibility and spatial quality are the pivotal factors in its design. Reducing environmental footprints and substantial savings in construction are two of...

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Home Tour: An 1870 Church Converted Into A Contemporary Residential Space

You know how big upcycling is nowadays, right? The most common are clothes, but then there’s furniture too, and even orange peels as candles! What about the ultimate in upcycling? We are talking about converting an 1870 church in The Netherlands into a modern residence; a dated building conversion done right.A couple of months ago, we featured the spectacular home of Spanish architect Roberto Bofill. He turned a massive cement factory into his home. This one we are going to talk about is more than that, or shall we say, holier than thou. The Utrecht Catholic Parish commissioned architect Gerard Gerritsen to build a church in 1870. He was able to do it in seven months with a total cost of 25,481...

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David Collins: A Design Genius

David Collins saw himself as a visionary architect with a passion to create bespoke masterpieces. He refused to follow a trend or do something that the majority fancy. Instead, he followed his own design instincts, and that made him one of the most sought-after architects in the world. The Irish-born architect originally wanted to become a lawyer, but the degree required Latin during that time a subject he was not quite fond of. Because of his fondness for clothes, he thought of pursuing a career in fashion, but his parents were against it. Following the footsteps of his father was not part of his initial plan, but he still ended up as an architect, and a great one at that....

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Screened Porches: A Summer Symbol

A screened porch is a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the fresh breeze without the fear of insects ruining the moment. It is also a great home extension for entertaining guests or a place to lounge around comfortably with your family. Through its many benefits, there is one underlying factor of screened porch that cannot be ignored: it is truly a symbol of summer. Sipping a refreshing glass of lemonade while frittering time away on a porch swing…well, you get the picture. Though screened porches are more common in the south, it is not unusual to find one in other regions. Many just want to have that perfect fusion of lanai and living room. Here are...

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A Cement Factory Turned Into An Extraordinary Home in Spain

  One of the notables when it comes to having a statement house is Spanish architect, Roberto Bofill. His sense for architectural renewal is, beyond any doubt, adventurous. He turned a desolated old cement factory into a magnificent home, and the result is simply incredible.     He found the now imposing structure back in 1973. It is located at Sant Just Desvern – a town near Barcelona, Spain. The renovation of the building took two years to complete. The architect carefully weighed what needs to be maintained and what needs to demolished.    The deliberate incomplete appearance of the architecture gave it an extraordinary effect. It’s a carefully designed space with a hint of frailty. Looking at it, you...

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