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Ryan Korban and His Love Affair with Zebra Rug

Ryan Korban, the brilliant self-taught interior designer that has magnificently curated some of the best high-end boutiques and residences, has a thing for zebra rug. He associates it, and the rest of the different skins and furs, with supreme luxe. We think that his fascination doesn't just end with a mere zebra skin because he has an actual full mount at his very own Manhattan apartment! His keen eye for all things stunning has garnered him a laudable portfolio. His A-list roster of clients include actor James Franco, Jessica Stam, and Natasha Poly. Fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Diesel, and Fivestory all have commissioned him to provide his style of unequivocal luxury in their stores all over New York. The...

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Screened Porches: A Summer Symbol

A screened porch is a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the fresh breeze without the fear of insects ruining the moment. It is also a great home extension for entertaining guests or a place to lounge around comfortably with your family. Through its many benefits, there is one underlying factor of screened porch that cannot be ignored: it is truly a symbol of summer. Sipping a refreshing glass of lemonade while frittering time away on a porch swing…well, you get the picture. Though screened porches are more common in the south, it is not unusual to find one in other regions. Many just want to have that perfect fusion of lanai and living room. Here are...

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A Cement Factory Turned Into An Extraordinary Home in Spain

  One of the notables when it comes to having a statement house is Spanish architect, Roberto Bofill. His sense for architectural renewal is, beyond any doubt, adventurous. He turned a desolated old cement factory into a magnificent home, and the result is simply incredible.     He found the now imposing structure back in 1973. It is located at Sant Just Desvern – a town near Barcelona, Spain. The renovation of the building took two years to complete. The architect carefully weighed what needs to be maintained and what needs to demolished.    The deliberate incomplete appearance of the architecture gave it an extraordinary effect. It’s a carefully designed space with a hint of frailty. Looking at it, you...

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Interior Designer Focus: Nate Berkus

Without a shadow of doubt, Nate Berkus holds a certain level of genius when it comes to his chosen métier: Interior Design. His level of aesthetic genius has been accentuated by his stint on Oprah, and eventually his own show, The Nate Berkus Show, which lasted for two seasons. The multi-slashy (businessman/TV personality/interior designer/author/soon-to-be father) extraordinaire is known for his quick makeover - quick and stunning! His style of fusing dated decorating with contemporary is remarkable. See some of his work below: His quest for perfectly divergent interiors – blending various colors from different spectrum and patterns that lock horns with each other – can be seen in many of his projects. Foregoing a specific theme and collating a wide...

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