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How Many Zebra Species are There?

While many people believe there to be only one species of Zebra, in reality we actually have over five. At Outsourcesol, we supply hides acquired from the Burchell breed. This is the most common type of Zebra found in the eastern and southern parts of Africa. Due to their high population and overgrazing, wildlife programs conduct conservation culling so as to control these high numbers. Below we have created an infographic that explains the history and background of the Burchell Zebra. Want to share your thoughts? Please comment below and don't forget to share on your favorite social media account.

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4 Zebra Skin Rug Groups

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is usually “Tell more about the quality!” This is one of our favorite questions and a good one to inquire. Why do you ask? Because each client is different and the expectations of one client can be completely different from the other. One might want a worn out look and feel where as the other wants a brand new rug with little to zero imperfections. The infographic below will guide and help you understand the four major grade categories used in evaluating a Zebra rug. We always appreciate your input and please share the love for others to see.

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6 Envy-Worthy Bookcase Ideas for Your Home

Despite the aggrandizement of e-readers, many still favor the good old hard-copy books. If you are part of the latter, you know that having a huge enough bookcase to house your collection is paramount. In most homes, bookshelves serve a purpose beyond their original function; they are also considered a form of décor. To be surrounded by books is a bibliophile’s solace. Creating a cerebral oasis at home doesn’t have to be grand all the time, unless you are Walker Digital’s chairman, Jay Walker. It’s 3,600 square feet, and has the original Sputnik 1 and a model of NASA’s X-29 aside from the gazillion books!  Impeccably styled bookshelves are more than enough for our precious copies. A reading room amidst the woods...

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Home Tour: An 1870 Church Converted Into A Contemporary Residential Space

You know how big upcycling is nowadays, right? The most common are clothes, but then there’s furniture too, and even orange peels as candles! What about the ultimate in upcycling? We are talking about converting an 1870 church in The Netherlands into a modern residence; a dated building conversion done right.A couple of months ago, we featured the spectacular home of Spanish architect Roberto Bofill. He turned a massive cement factory into his home. This one we are going to talk about is more than that, or shall we say, holier than thou. The Utrecht Catholic Parish commissioned architect Gerard Gerritsen to build a church in 1870. He was able to do it in seven months with a total cost of 25,481...

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David Collins: A Design Genius

David Collins saw himself as a visionary architect with a passion to create bespoke masterpieces. He refused to follow a trend or do something that the majority fancy. Instead, he followed his own design instincts, and that made him one of the most sought-after architects in the world. The Irish-born architect originally wanted to become a lawyer, but the degree required Latin during that time a subject he was not quite fond of. Because of his fondness for clothes, he thought of pursuing a career in fashion, but his parents were against it. Following the footsteps of his father was not part of his initial plan, but he still ended up as an architect, and a great one at that....

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