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Modern Victorian Interiors with Zebra Rug

Opposites do attract or in the case of interior design, they complement each other appropriately. Merging old and new styles, different finishes and periods is striking and visually gratifying! Modern Victorian juxtaposes the romantic charm of timeworn pieces and contemporary decor. It's filled with character, sophistication, artisan element, and a good sense of history. It is also one of the best interior themes to add a zebra rug into. The interior fusion can be achieved by carefully balancing the two design genres together. The outcome should look like it has been prudently assembled over time. It should look unified; never chaotic. If you're thinking of incorporating new decor into the antiquated Victorian house you've just purchased, scroll below for some...

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Design Marvel: The Invisible House

A house with a design that highlights disguise harbors a ton of whys and an equal amount of interest. Aside from its original purpose, a house is meant to be seen, appreciated, and ogled on. The Invisible House is somewhat an antithesis of those. The curious thing about it, however, is that for something that's built to be concealed, it certainly is drawing a lot of good attention.   The Austrian architectural firm, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, is the one responsible for this highly fascinating prefabricated house. The aim is to provide an alternative to the increasing housing dilemma. Flexibility and spatial quality are the pivotal factors in its design. Reducing environmental footprints and substantial savings in construction are two of...

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6 Alternative Uses for Zebra Rugs

  Do you have that urge to go beyond the basic, to push forth the original use of something you've had in a long time? If you have an old zebra rug that you want to turn into something other than a gorgeous floor decor in your living room or bedroom, you're in luck! We have collated a couple of alternative uses for your good ol zebra rug permitting that you bought an excellent one, and it's still in almost mint condition, of course. There are hundreds of ways to use a zebra rug. Below are just 6 of them to start with:   Turn it into a wall art Why not use it as a wall art? After all,...

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Ryan Korban and His Love Affair with Zebra Rug

Ryan Korban, the brilliant self-taught interior designer that has magnificently curated some of the best high-end boutiques and residences, has a thing for zebra rug. He associates it, and the rest of the different skins and furs, with supreme luxe. We think that his fascination doesn't just end with a mere zebra skin because he has an actual full mount at his very own Manhattan apartment! His keen eye for all things stunning has garnered him a laudable portfolio. His A-list roster of clients include actor James Franco, Jessica Stam, and Natasha Poly. Fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Diesel, and Fivestory all have commissioned him to provide his style of unequivocal luxury in their stores all over New York. The...

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Integrating a Zebra Rug Into 7 Different Interior Themes

Buying a decor for one's home is not only about ergonomics or high quality anymore; versatility is one of the key main factors that smart patrons look for. Zebra rug is embodied with that element along with a great design, functionality, and superior condition. For years, the zebra rug has proven its capability to be incorporated in different interior design themes. It is not just included in the theme; it blended perfectly with it. Below are seven various interior styles that the zebra rug made more fascinating. Traditional Traditional interior is all about sophisticated furnishing, earthy tones, and dark wood. The classic style features architectural adornment such as wood panelings and moldings. Harsh contrast in color or furniture rarely happens....

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