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The Lazy Man's Guide To Ottoman Shapes

"Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." —William Morris. Ottomans are not a new concept, but have become popular worldwide over the years. I did not know what an ottoman was, until I associated one with those at the foot of a bed. But like everything you see around you, this piece of furniture too has a history and a reason for its existence. Made with no back, the ottoman is a deeply upholstered seat introduced into Europe in the late 18th century from Turkey, where, piled with cushions, it was the central piece of domestic seating. It received the title ‘Ottoman’ from its namesake empire, christened after its founder Osman...

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Your Space is Never Too Small for a Zebra Rug! 3 Small Room Inspirations for the Summer

We are living in the age of less is more. Over the years, usage of space has become an important factor in purchasing housing units, rooms, apartments and even rental units. As the populations in huge cities amplify and a larger percentage of it starts opting to stay alone, a new style of residing in very small areas has emerged. The art of using the whole volume of a storage medium, instead of just the surface, allows us to encode much more information in a small space. The push toward sustainability across the world, in addition to the various movements and groups asking for social responsibility from companies in taking action against climate change. In the building world, this manifests in more energy-efficient homes and commercial spaces. Generally, the smaller the building, the smaller its carbon...

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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Stripes For Decor

The versatility, elegance and boldness that stripes bring into a space is unmatched. Whether laid on the floor, on the walls or in fabric or upholstery, stripes visually lead the eye away, creating a neat space-enhancing trick. In a former article, we saw how when zebras stand together in a huge group in the savannah, their striped patterns cause a dazzling effect to the eyes, hence why a group of zebras is called a dazzle. Source If I was to be very honest, there is no limit to what stripes can do, as they have the ability to make a room feel intimate or expansive, minimalist or collected, casual or refined. In many cases, especially in hotels and lounges, they can...

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2 Famous Contemporary Inspirations to Make Your Zebra Interiors Stand Out

If Disney land and the Marriot have hoped on it, why not? Trendsetting is the art of being able to see what others cannot see. It is a skill that not many people have, but this skill has become increasingly important as interior design is becoming a bigger part of modern living. When you open up a magazine or scroll through your social media feed, you’re bound to see glimpses of interior design. For some people, this is just a hobby. But for others, it’s their profession. In the last few years, an increasing number of people are turning to natural elements in order to create home designs that are modern and timeless. This trend is likely to continue because...

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3 Creative and Novel Easter Gift Ideas for the Zebra Lover in Your Life

The holidays come with an air of repose, as we take days off work to be with our families and feel the reason for the season light up around the world. This particular season comes at the first quarter of the year, and people have different feelings about it. Some feel happy and excited for the new opportunities that come with it. Others might feel sad or disappointed for what they didn’t accomplish so far. It is however a season of renewal. Easter has many different traditions depending on where you live and what religion you are. Some people celebrate it by going to church and fasting or giving up something for Lent. Others celebrate it with an egg hunt...

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