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5 Impressive Winter Retreats

Since Jack Frost’s icy power is still burgeoning and will probably linger until April, many are still looking for that impressive winter retreat to cozy up to while others dream about them. For the latter, don’t you worry; everything starts with a great dream and an even greater follow through!  Below are a few of the hundreds of winter places to stay at that will make your vacation very cool rather than just simply bone-biting chilly. source Juvet Landscape Hotel - Norway Situated at Valldal - a north-western town in Norway  - is a structure that boasts of minimalism and a high reverence to the surrounding environment. The interior is intentionally designed in an understated yet elegant manner to highlight the...

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The Best Modern Christmas Trees We’ve Seen

Christmas tree is as integral part of Christmas. The evergreen fir trees boost the feeling of the annual festivity that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditional trees are usually decorated in excess. We’re going to veer away from that and just focus on the modern, minimally-decorated ones. Leonardo da Vinci said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and we believe that famous statement wholeheartedly. Barely decorated trees have as much aesthetic impact as that of the over-the-top version. We buy fresh trees (for some, clean the old artificial tree, set-up then pack away) and then decorate them to the best of our abilities each year. But do you really know what they stand for? Okay, let’s talk about that...

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