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Chic Peek: An Edgy Monochrome Loft in New York by Ryan Korban

A monochrome home exudes sophistication in its purest form. But lets be honest here, some have that certain level of vapidity that puts it at the level of 'just satisfying'. Rock star interior designer Ryan Korban has taken the said factor out of the equation, and instead, he replaced it with something that stirs the spirited, non-conforming factor in all of us. Whether silently or loudly, every home broadcasts the owners character and beliefs in one way or another. The collection and the homes entirety are shaped by the one who lives in it. It is dictated by what he's comfortable with and what he loves. A great interior designer doesn't mute that; he highlights them. In this particular abode,...

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The Dos of Decorating with Zebra Skin Rug

So you recently purchased an excellent zebra skin rug. Congratulations, by the way. It is a worthy splurge. The dilemma that befalls you now is where to place it. There are certain Dos when it comes to incorporating that precious black and white striped rug into your house. Since we work with some of the best interior designers, we've picked up a few of their tricks to maximize the utmost potential of a zebra skin rug.

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7 Ogle-Worthy Modern Interiors with Zebra Skin Rugs

Interior enthusiasts constantly seek inspiration in crafting a marvelous home, peppered with things that would make the owners and guests feel comfortable. And what better way to hunt for ideas than the well-curated homes of the interior design extraordinaire themselves, right? We have compiled below ogle-worthy rooms with exquisite zebra skin rugs created by a couple of style geniuses.  Cecilie Starin designed this luxurious bedroom with Ernest Hemingway in mind. She envisioned it as a place where the famed author will take refuge to finish his masterpiece. Along with other rich hides that adorn the four-poster bed, the zebra skin rug is tucked at the corner of this romantic room facing the San Francisco Bay.   Ruper Landindinger, owner of RPL...

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5 Pattern and Solid Combinations That Will Complement Your Zebra Skin Rug

In our humble opinion, a zebra rug will always be a neutral. It will complement anything and everything you pair it with, and the fusion will always end up perfect! But of course, there are certain patterns and solids that are impactfully glorious when paired with the zebra stripes. If you're a proud owner of a zebra rug or are planning to purchase one soon, but you are also currently in an interior design rut, allow us to help you with some ideas. Below are a few of the sure-fire mixtures that will make your home a certified stunner! Honeycomb & Dark Green Incorporating natures fundamentals into your home is one great way to give it a boost in character....

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Modern Victorian Interiors with Zebra Rug

Opposites do attract or in the case of interior design, they complement each other appropriately. Merging old and new styles, different finishes and periods is striking and visually gratifying! Modern Victorian juxtaposes the romantic charm of timeworn pieces and contemporary decor. It's filled with character, sophistication, artisan element, and a good sense of history. It is also one of the best interior themes to add a zebra rug into. The interior fusion can be achieved by carefully balancing the two design genres together. The outcome should look like it has been prudently assembled over time. It should look unified; never chaotic. If you're thinking of incorporating new decor into the antiquated Victorian house you've just purchased, scroll below for some...

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