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General Knowledge about Zebra Skin Rugs

Beautifying your home with a zebra hide should be one of the options on the table. The beauty and the elegance not forgetting the jungle feel that the rugs bring qualifies them to being the best option for you. Many people love zebras because of their fascinating color patters. If looking for a way to make your home pretty and full of natural aura by using these rugs, then here are some of the facts that you must know about them.

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Difference between Felted and Non-Felted Zebra Skin Rug

Zebras are a symbol of just how African savannah is replete with wildlife and excitement. Zebras are in plenty and with their black stripes; you really can’t take your eyes off them. In some African countries, the selling of the zebra skin rugs is legal. However, the zebra skin rugs that are allowed to be sold are those of Equus Burchelli. They are in their millions and the authorities give an allowance for the culling. Culling involves controlled killing with the supervision of the government.

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